Don't Stop the Music

We have taken on a new challenge - raising funds for Music Care programming.

Our goal is $250,000 and our project is called “Don’t Stop the Music.” The truth is we have been blessed with grants over the past few years for our music programming. Now our program is in jeopardy as these grants soon come to an end. We are working hard to maintain the programs in a way that maximizes resources; however, we need community support to make it happen.

Lindsey Nagy, the daughter of Linda who is a CapitalCare Day Program client, explains why she believes in the magic of music care programming:

"I’ve always known the incredible effect music had on children’s brains, but I didn’t realize the impact it can have on people with Alzheimer’s until seeing it first hand with my Mom. Music makes my mom feel like herself again. It cracks her wide open and makes her feel confident and capable. It brings back fond memories of her youth, and makes her feel free and alive. With music, she can go from a place of complete anxiety and agitation, to a place of peace and calm.

"People in care love music. As soon as the music starts, eyes open, feet start tapping, hands start clapping, and they are transported into a different world.

"Music is a means of communicating. It helps them be seen and heard. It unlocks a part of the brain nothing else can. ... Music is incredibly healing."

Music programs touch our residents profoundly. Full of joy, they remember lyrics even when they can’t remember people’s names.

Music is magic!

Reaching our goal means we can continue to provide music in a way that touches our residents deeply and creates moments that matter.
Help us keep the music going.

CapitalCare Dickinsfield Resident Choir, Heart & Soul


Read the stories of Alex, Doris, Ernie, and Fred whose lives have been enriched by music.

To donate to the Music Care program, click on the Donate Now button on the top of the page and select Music Programs from the drop down menu. Optionally, you can call  CapitalCare Foundation at 780.448.2413.

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