Something's Missing Project
Grandview neighbourhood 'sky-view' lights and coach lamps

Doorway decor in Grandview hallway


Grandview resident room door pediments
Aeroponic garden tower at Dickinsfield for year round gardening program
McConnell Place West Coffee Corner - project completed!

The room at Kipnes Centre for Veterans that will become a home-like social space for residents and families.

Something's Missing

February 2019 update

Making the house a home

SOMETHING’S MISSING helps us bring the comforts of home into our centres so that not even one resident or family says, "It’s good but something’s missing." Our Something’s Missing project is very personal for residents and staff. These project ideas have come through discussions with residents and families as they identify what programs or changes to the building would improve their day to day living.

The centres' projects need financial support, some renovation and refurbishment, and some community involvement to ensure they have a lasting impact on the 2100 residents CapitalCare serves each year. 

Project updates

Grandview - Hallway Beautification   
Goal: $30,000 per unit
Raised: $15,000  Needed: $15,000

Grandview's hallways are transforming! One of the three neighbourhoods (units) now has 'sky-view' lights in the hallway and coach lights by each resident room door. Next to come are the door pediments, followed by house-style mailboxes and house numbers. Colours and design will assist residents living with dementia to easily identify their rooms, thus providing confidence and comfort.

Strathcona - Bathing Room Upgrades
Goal: $15,000
Raised: $12,000  Needed: $3,000

CapitalCare Strathcona will begin work on two of the three bathing room renovations in the memory care neighbourhood. With your support we will see all three bathing areas renovated so that seniors with increasing frailty can enjoy bathing experiences with the necessary assistance and the comforts of home.

Dickinsfield & Lynnwood - Horticulture Programs
Goals: $30,000
Raised at Dickinsfield: $22,000  Needed: $8,000
Raised at Lynnwood: $16,000  Needed: $14,000

Both centres are keen to have indoor and outdoor horticulture programs rooted in the therapeutic effects of gardening at their centres. The act of nurturing is important to one’s healing and wellbeing. Reaping the rewards of labour through gardening is an incredible outcome for residents.

Help us fill in the blanks

Click the Donate Now button at the top of this page, or call CapitalCare Foundation at 780.448.2413.


McConnell Place West - project complete!

Your support for McConnell Place West has helped us raise a total of $8,000 which has meant the new “Café Corner” located within the walls of McConnell Place West is now a quiet oasis for coffee lovers. It’s the place to go for families who want to create the experience of coffee on the patio with their mom or dad who is now living with
dementia. We love you a latte!

​Norwood & Laurier House Lynnwood - funding complete!

The residents at Norwood and Laurier House Lynnwood have some old tables and chairs that have far outlived their best days. For residents and families, the wish was simple - new dining room furniture. The new furniture will be used in both the current settings and in the new Norwood building when it opens; benefitting residents now and in the future.

Kipnes Centre for Veterans - funding complete!

Kipnes Centre residents and their families will have a new family visiting space. The room on the second floor will provide a space where residents can enjoy visiting in a living room - just like home! Renovation to begin in January 2019.

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