Stepping Up Norwood Project

Stepping Up - Make Norwood new again!

July 2019

Ed Gibbons, Cabinet Chair and Eric Newell, Honourary Cabinet Chair

Stepping Up to a new Norwood

CapitalCare Norwood is stepping up from an old medical model to a new way of life for seniors.
We are changing the question of "what is the matter with you?" to, more importantly, "what matters to you?"

Through $364 million in funding from the Government of Alberta, Norwood will undergo an expansion and redevelopment resulting in 145 new beds, adding to the current 205. 

This expansion will mean more space will be made available in region acute care hospitals. Patients coming out of surgery and treatment will be able to move more quickly into Norwood and participate in the facility’s innovative rehabilitation and care programs. The goal is to keep Albertans healthy and in their own homes longer. 

The centre will also accommodate more people in the community with Norwood’s enhanced programs and services. Read the FAQs here.

CapitalCare Foundation's and Your Role

Your help is needed to provide a home-like setting while people rehabilitate before going home after surgery and treatment, and for those in continuing care.  Join us in stepping up for Norwood.

CapitalCare Foundation has a goal of $6.3 million to help furnish and equip the new centre, enhance teaching and research opportunities in continuing care, provide life-changing care, reduce pressure on our hospitals, and deliver essential outreach services to those in need.

Campaign Cabinet

Eric Newell

Ed Gibbons

Neil Wilkinson

Sheila Weatherill

John Schiel

John McDougall

Bruce Bentley

Marianne Stewart

John Chomiak

The Campaign Cabinet is a group of community leaders who are excited about the positive approach this new Norwood will bring to seniors needing care.

The Alberta Government is paying $364 million for bricks and mortar, basic furnishings and program needs. The Stepping Up for Norwood Campaign will raise $6.3 million that will provide:

  • Family visiting spaces;
  • Gardens;
  • Dining rooms;
  • Rehab equipment and gyms;
  • Recreation and wellness gathering spaces; and
  • Teaching and research rooms for best practice elderly care professionals 

Your Role

Join us in stepping up for Norwood. Donate today! 
Use the Donate Now button at the top right of this page. In the Fund menu, select New Norwood Development.

For more information about the project and your role, please contact 
Barb Noble

Download the brochure (pdf)


When will the new Norwood be completed?

The Alberta Government has committed $364 million to construct the building and will break ground in 2019. Completion is slated for 2021, closely followed by residents' move-in and the start of new community programs.

If the government is paying for the building, why does the CapitalCare Foundation have to furnish the living space? 

The Alberta Government has stepped up with generous support for the project, committing the funds to make sure the building is built. The government and the CapitalCare Foundation are working together to ensure the extra comforts, specialized equipment and finishing touches that make a building a home are in place. 

Why is the new building needed?

The current Norwood Centre is old and unable to accommodate the increasing pressures of caring for our residents in the best way possible. The demand for our community programs and services has increased and can no longer be supported in the existing building. Norwood’s aging  infrastructure threatens the safety and housing of 205 residents, all of whom require highly specialized care. If the Norwood centre was compromised, these residents would have to be admitted into the acute care system, placing extra pressure on our hospitals. With the construction of the new building, the addition of 145 new beds will provide expansions and specialized programs for Edmontonians and other Albertans.

Will this change any of the programs and services that Norwood now offers?

All of Norwood’s current services and programs will be continued and enhanced because of the new centre with its increased space, efficiencies and beds. 

Will there be more parking available?

Yes, a new parkade has been included in the building plans. Parking is expected to accommodate both visitors and staff. 

What will be the benefits of having a new building?

  • A more specialized delivery of services that support seniors in care and those who need rehabilitation to return home.
  • Enhanced continuing care capacity, accommodating over 400 additional continuing care admissions each year.
  • Reduced demand for emergency department and inpatient acute care services.
  • Enhanced education and training for specialized geriatric and continuing care services.
  • Improved access to complex continuing care services throughout the Edmonton zone.


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