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CapitalCare Strathcona

On any given day you will see at least one member of this incredible family at CapitalCare Strathcona visiting their loved one Joseph Sarjas, a resident living with dementia. The whole family has become a welcome addition to the centre. 

Like many families, four years ago the Sarjas Family had to find a new home for their father Joseph as he could no longer stay in his home. They choose CapitalCare Strathcona because of its location near their own homes. Since then, the family has come together and has become very involved in the centre. This includes sitting on various committees and dedicating a lot of their time raising funds for the centre. The bonus - Joseph always has family around!The best piece of advice the family has to give for new families in the same situation is “it’s okay to get involved and it’s good to meet family members going through the same struggles as you.” Angela, Joseph’s daughter, says “Give where you live” cause Dad’s community is our community now.

CapitalCare Strathcona

I would like to thank you all for caring for my mother (Julie H.) over the four years she was at CapitalCare Strathcona. During her time there, Mom was very happy. I used to visit her two times a week and I noticed that Mom was starting to get her red cheeks back. She was happier and more at ease once I told her that she doesn't have to move anymore. I really like how the care staff and care managers take care of all the residents, with respect, love, and understanding.

Thank you
- David H.

 CapitalCare Norwood staff

I worked at CapitalCare Norwood for 24 years and my mother spent the last year of her life in that wonderful setting, first in palliative care where she received such wonderful care that she got well enough to be transferred to chronic care. Second, she moved to 4th floor in the Angus McGuggan pavilion where she lived her life close to the manner she enjoyed when in her own home. She was able to sew and knit in her room and received visitors, who were always impressed and let us know.

Keep up the great work and God be with you all!

- Lois G.



To Stella Dowle, Care Manager, CapitalCare CHOICE Mental Health

Since my mother started attending the CHOICE program, she has been much more stable and happy. Prior to attending this program, my mother was often very confused, depressed and quite unhappy. She would try to change her medication on her own or find doctors who would change her dosages for her. This always led to an emotional crisis for her and, as a result, for the rest of our family. Now with regular visits at the program, everyone's life has improved.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit mother while she was at a session and it was remarkable to see how smoothly it all works. Your staff is very outgoing and very comfortable with each patient. Each patient is respectfully treated as an individual who is known, not as a patient, but rather as a valuable individual.

We thank you all for the wonderful success the CHOICE program enjoys. It is a dream come true for our mother and family. Sincerely,

- Dorothy M

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