Celebrating Life



Celebrating Life

CapitalCare Foundation - A complement to CapitalCare

A young lady approached me the other day to help me as I struggled with too many parcels in the centre’s parking lot. As we walked, she told me her uncle had just moved in and was having trouble adjusting to his new home. He had not smiled in a long time. 
I asked if she was coming to the Resident Choir concert at the centre and she responded saying she had no idea about the event. After I encouraged her to bring her uncle to the concert we parted ways. 

An hour later she approached me once again, this time it was after the concert. I had no idea that she had come. She and her uncle had slipped into the back row and thoroughly enjoyed the concert. In fact, she shared, it was the first time in a long time that she had seen her uncle smile. He sang throughout the concert and she sang beside him with tears sliding down her cheeks. She couldn’t believe how he responded – “it was incredible!”

She thanked me for the Foundation’s work and said that she herself was a healthcare aide at a different organisation. At her place of work they had nothing like what she had seen here at the centre. She then made a generous donation and asked to please put it towards great programs like the choir program. It truly was a performance of the Hearts and Minds Choir – leaving everyone in the audience with a tear or two on their cheeks.

The CapitalCare Foundation, since its inception, has been a support to the residents and staff of CapitalCare. The Foundation works to help CapitalCare provide improvements in service to the residents in their care.

The Foundation has proudly touted the phrase of “We take over where government funding ends.” This has been the mantra to help community better understand the positive relationship between government healthcare and the funding needs. Our mantra will stand steadfast as we look into the future. We will strive to ensure the programs most needed are in place and the best possible equipment is available to ensure best practice. Additionally, the CapitalCare Foundation will continue to work towards ensuring home atmospheres surround the seniors who live in the care settings.

Meet the Sarjas Family… A Family that Supports

On any given day you will see at least one member of this incredible family at CapitalCare Strathcona visiting their loved one Joseph Sarjas, a resident living with dementia. The whole family has become a welcome addition to the centre. 

Like many families, four years ago the Sarjas Family had to find a new home for their father Joseph as he could no longer stay in his home. They choose CapitalCare Strathcona because of its location near their own homes. Since then, the family has come together and has become very involved in the centre. This includes sitting on various committees and dedicating a lot of their time raising funds for the centre. The bonus - Joseph always has family around!The best piece of advice the family has to give for new families in the same situation is “it’s okay to get involved and it’s good to meet family members going through the same struggles as you.” Angela, Joseph’s daughter, says “Give where you live” cause Dad’s community is our community now.



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