TLC - Legacies Living On

Bed for family member in Hospice room

Fold-away bed for family member

Resident bed in Hospice room

Comfortable resident bed

TLC - Legacies Living On

CapitalCare Norwood Palliative Hospice is used by more than 275 families every year

Part of having a positive experience in hospice is being able to stay with your loved one if you choose. With that in mind, the CapitalCare Foundation has created TLC Legacies Living On, a program that directs donations made to the CapitalCare Norwood Palliative Hospice towards renovating resident rooms to better suit the needs of palliative care patients
and families. 

In the most recently renovated room, the improved atmosphere of resident and family comfort includes a sofa bed that rolls up into the wall, dresser, microwave, fridge, chair, flat screen TV, a less institutional main bed, new flooring, softer lighting - dimmable from the main bed. and pastel walls. The renovations cost $30,000. The Hospice hopes to raise enough money to make similar changes to 22 more rooms, one at a time, over the next few years.

Make a donation today to support this project. Click on Donate Now in the top right corner, or contact CapitalCare Foundation 780.448.2413, email

TLC needed to ensure legacies live on after a stay at palliative hospice

Carter Matthews never met his grandma Cheryl. She passed away just after Christmas in 2010. But when the lively three-year-old came bounding into her old room at CapitalCare
Norwood’s Palliative Hospice this past May, it brought back a flood of memories for his mom Candice and grandpa Doug. Read the story from the summer 2014 People & Progress Newsletter.


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