We have continued with lifts as an option for donor contributions. If you would like to support this project please contact us at 780.448.2413 or

Since 2014 CapitalCare Foundation has been fundraising for overhead lifts. Originally our goal was 25 lifts to be placed throughout four of the main sites at CapitalCare. In one year we raised enough to surpass our goal and install 28 lifts.

Since that time additional dollars have come in and we have installed another five at Strathcona, Grandview and Dickinsfield. The purpose of these lifts is to provide 24/7 accessibility pre-set to the weight and fittings for each resident. These lifts not only help to lighten the load, they also prevent back injuries for staff and discomfort and hardship for residents.

With more than 450 residents needing to be lifted out of bed every single day; most more than three times a day, we know our work is not yet complete. 

One of our residents at Dickinsfield, Tracey was so pleased with receiving her lift she wrote us to say

How does one say thank you for something that means so much! There are really no words to thank you enough!

Click here to donate and choose "Overhead lifts" in the fund option.

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