Donate Cars, Parts, or Memorabilia

Donate Vehicles or Memorabilia

All donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt from the CapitalCare Foundation. Inquire for more information.

What We Need – Vehicles

If the vehicle can be considered a reasonable project without the need for it to ever run and drive, it is probably exactly what we’re looking for.

  • Most any pre-1970s-ish vehicles
  • Unique or iconic post-1970-ish vehicles. The old thicker steel bodied cars may have plenty of surface rust, but will likely be fairly solid compared to the later model vehicles built with thinner gauge sheet metal.
  • Presentable patina – we just need a decent base to add “lipstick” to or leave as is
  • Engine intact for at least one vehicle. Others don’t require engines
  • Interior intact or affordably replaced or repaired
  • Glass intact or affiordably replaced
  • Dirty is okay.  Dirt can be removed
  • Vehicles with all their wheels
  • Tires that hold air are a bonus
  • Doors should open and close
  • Hood should open if the engine is present

What We Want to Avoid – Vehicles

If you consider the vehicle to be a major or serious project or just about scrap, it probably won’t be appropriate for our needs (but read the Memorabilia or Parts section below).

  • Vehicles with missing body panels
  • Rust or other damage that is so extensive that it is unreasonable to repair. Some minor patches may be okay
  • Vehicles with glass issues that aren’t easily or cheaply remedied.
  • Vehicles with missing interiors (it doesn’t have to be pretty but it does have to be there)

What We Need – Memorabilia or Parts

In addition to complete vehicles there may be other items that we can use to help “dress” the courtyard to give it a drive-in or automotive theme.

  • Must be weather hardy – installation is outside in the elements
  • Interesting machines that can be hand cranked
  • Non-functioning engine that we can mount on a permanantly affixed engine stand cemented into the ground
  • Automotive themed benches or other outdoor furniture (or parts that we can use to create these pieces)
  • Anything else you think might work for this project. Just ask and we’ll let you know

Contact David Myers
Project Coordinator (volunteer)

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