A warm cup of caring

May 11, 2018

"The comfort cart is like a warm hug for the patients and their families. It provides a moment of focus on something other than their health or their loved one.The patients and their families are so grateful for this service and it is an opportunity to share that thru the generosity of another family they too can be comforted… even for just a few moments. 

It is such a privilege to be able to do the Comfort Cart. For me it makes me appreciate Life just a wee bit more and to marvel that even in life last moment’s people can be gracious and grateful for something so that is so easy to do but seems to mean so much."  
- Joelle B-C.


The Palliative Care unit at CapitalCare Norwood received a gift in honour of Roger deBorja. Although Roger’s time in palliative care was brief, his family was very thankful for the care and support received that they wanted to give back in a way that would help other families as they go through the palliative journey.

Together with unit staff an idea was initiated - a warm cup of caring. The hope was to bring a bit of comfort to families spending long days sitting at the bedsides of their loved ones. So a special tea cart was purchased and set up with amenities including beverage options and lovely china.

The first service from the tea cart began in the fall, and many families have been recipients of the afternoon soothing tea and friendly faces. The idea of creating community and support for those who are saddened by life’s challenges has been a great success and many have been thankful for the service.

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